Escape From Monster Island #4: Desperate Times...

Escape From Monster Island #4: Desperate Times…


Escape From Monster Island Escape From Monster Island is shaping up to be quite an adventure and another solid title from Zenescope Entertainment.  The United States government set aside a small Pacific island to house all kinds of otherworldly, and potentially dangerous, creatures where they would be studied.  However, the Elf Queen takes over and things go horribly wrong.  The humans on the island must team up with a species of creature led by Xorn to defeat the queen and survive the island.  As if the Queen wasn’t bad enough, the government has gotten involved again and plans to destroy the island along with everyone and everything on it.

This title is a fun read.  It plays out like The Lost World in the sense here’s a remote island set aside to limit any dangerous actions between creature and human when, of course, something goes wrong and the situation must be contained with potentially deadly force.  Joe Tyler writes a great story.  It really captures human emotion in a dangerous situation and the instinct of self-preservation.  Even a group of battle-hardened soldiers were not prepared for what might happen to them.  Kelsey wants to work with the creatures while Charles and Merrick advise her otherwise.  Carlos Granda’s artwork and Jorge Cortes’s colors made for a beautiful jungle setting and terrifying creatures.  Anthony Spay and Jorge Alberto Cortes did a great job with the Tomb Raider-style cover art.

I am enjoying Escape From Monster Island just as much as I enjoy every other Zenescope title.  They are a great company who are committed to giving readers an excellent product.  When one looks at their catalog, it seems vast but every series in that catalog is worth reading.  Check them out at your local comic book shop or online at
Escape From Monster Island #4
Written by Joe Tyler
Artwork by Carlos Granda
Colors by Jorge Cortes
Cover Art by Anthony Spay & Jorge Alberto Cortes
25 pages

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