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Escape from New York #13 Goes Off The Rails!


Escape from New York was a favorite movie of mine for a long time, heck even Escape from LA had its moments and if you’re anything like me you’ve probably wondered what became of old Snake.

Escape from New York #13 Goes Off The Rails!This review is a bit spoilery, apologies.

Well the latest issue, Escape from New York #13, jumps us 12 years into the future and Snake is retired. No really. Retired. He’s set himself up outside of a city, on a farm of sorts, with a dog, a still, and a car. The still’s product is easily traded for the smokes Snake still enjoys and the car gets him where he needs to go.

But the man just can’t let him be and when Snake is pushed far enough he jumps right into the fray! Now to be honest as I read this story I felt more like Snake wanted to be pushed, he completely ignores the fact that trouble is coming but gets really pissed when it arrives. I’m no revisionist I know Snake wasn’t a pacifist in the movies, fact is he’s a bit of a jerk but this felt a bit “suicide by cop” as it played out. Your guess is as good as mine as to whether Snake survives this latest adventure but I’m sure it’s going to be a fun ride! The art, as you can see in the preview, gives us a Snake we can recognize. His look as well as his physicality rings true on the page. This is a well done look at an icon we all want more of!




Escape From New York #13 (Jason Copland Cover)
Writer(s): Christopher Sebela
Artist(s): Diego Barreto
It’s been 12 years, and the government still won’t leave Snake Plissken alone.
Diamond Code: OCT151238


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