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Eponymous – The age of superheroes was over, till now.


We recently received a preview of a new graphic novel collection of the digital comic Eponymous.


The website describes the series as this:

“The age of superheroes is over. All are long since dead or forgotten, allowing the world to return to its preconceived idea of normality. But when a massacre on a global scale is predicted at the hands of Casey – the first super-powered-individual the world has seen for nearly twenty years – the decision is taken to find this new superhero and kill her, before it’s too late. Dragged into a deadly game of cat and mouse, Casey must fight to unravel the mysteries of her past, fight to avoid her predicted role in the nightmarish version of the future – and fight just to stay alive.”

I was hooked on Eponymous from the very first page. A young girl is having nightmares that are coming true. The government or agency that has her captive has found her predictions to be reliable. They decide to follow the events of the girl’s dream. Either they will stop the threat in its tracks or if it doesn’t come to pass the girl will die. A small price to pay to save humanity.

There is action from the very beginning of the story and you’re not sure who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. As the story unfolds you find the big bad super-powered villain to be pretty normal and not very sinister at all. it makes you wonder exactly how and why things are going to go so horribly wrong. Who is this woman who dresses like a superhero? Why, knowing the devastating events to come, would the young girl choose to align herself with her?

I do have a penchant for female driven comics but this delivered with a lead who could have been any gender. The story is well paced and keeps you wanting more. The art is evocative and enhances the story beautifully. I definitely can’t wait to see what happens next.

Eponymous is written by Mike Garley with Art by Martin Simmonds and Letters by Mike Stock.

There’s a 10 page preview on the VS-Comics site, but here’s some to get you started.

EponymousPrelude1 EponymousPrelude2 EponymousPrelude3

 spacer(small) EponymousPrelude4 spacer(small)EponymousPrelude5


Check out Eponymous at VS Comics or buy it from the VS Comics store. Looking for a print version of the first 30 page Eponymous story (from the pages of VS Comics)? Go here Eponymous #1

Editor’s Note 2014-10-17: VS Comics may have closed but copies of Eponymous are still available here!

Eponymous premiers in the digital comic – VS Comics. VS is an all-genre, creator-owned, monthly digital comic, edited by Mike Garley (Collider, Dead Roots) and James Moran (Doctor Who, Severance, Cockneys Vs Zombies), and featuring an assorted team of talented creators from the worlds of TV, prose, film and comics.

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