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Épilogue – A Love Story – ComiXology August 12


Épilogue - A Love Story - ComiXology August 12This week marks the release of a book I was lucky enough to read at last year’s New York Comic Con. When I ran into Mario that weekend he gave me a copy, I read it and loved it. I wanted to review it immediately. Unfortunately like so many books we get to read it was too early to review it, why review something you can’t point people toward (or away from) buying? Well the book comes out on Wednesday through comiXology and you should buy it.

Have you ever run into that old flame? The one you knew you loved more than anything? The one you had that passionate volatile thing with? What would you do if you ran into them again? In public, and actually had the nerve to say hello? When Garan sees Natalie across the crowded St. Pancreas train station in London it all comes flooding back, and we get to see it all, while Garan tries to find some way to… apologize? explain? reconnect?

Writer Mario Candelaria teams up with illustrators David Ganjamie and Nathan Schreiber and Zakk Saam on letters, with a cover by Ashley St. Lawrence and Lesley Atlansky, to bring a very interesting and very emotional story to the page, I think you’ll enjoy it.

Épilogue – A Love Story gets 4.5 out of 5. Get it on comiXology on August 12, 2015

EPILOGUE from Dude What? Comics. It is a dual perspective story showing two former Parisian lovers who run into one another after a decade or so while in transit through the St Pancras train station in London. The story shows how they deal with seeing the other person as well as the memories that come up from their past together. While the digital file coming through Comixology will be two separate stories, the physical comic will be a flip book with both sides of the encounter.”

Épilogue – A Love Story
Written by: Mario Candelaria
Art by: Ashley St. Lawrence, David Ganjamie, Nathan Schreiber
Colored by: Lesley Atlansky
Edited by: Heather Antos
Lettered by: Zakk Saam
Price: $0.99

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