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Enter “The Gray Zone”… And Have A Good Laugh!


The Gray Zone is a daily comic from the sharp mind and quick wit of Roger l. Phillips. Philips an ad-man and product designer has adopted the “little grey aliens” as his own and in doing so given it a singular style and voice. One panel one-liners (for the most part) Roger brings back memories of the gems from the daily paper that we all remember. This is all ages, pun fueled fun.


They really did it didn’t they… Damn dirty apps

The dailies appear regularly on his website http://www.grayzonecomics.com/ where there’s also a plethora of merchandise. Roger also posts them to Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/TheGrayZoneCartoons and twitter as well @UFOSculptor). He must be doing something pretty special his page has garnered over 12,000 likes! As well as the web-comic there are seven collections of Roger’s “Grays” in print!

Take a look through the archives, I’m sure you’ll find a favorite. And if you see Roger at a convention be sure to tell him all about your latest abduction, maybe he’ll use it in a future comic!


This would definitely be my demise, I’m a sucker for free beer!

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