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Enigma Bookstore’s Officially Open for Business!


I gave a heads-up to all metro NYC-ers that Enigma Bookstore, a new sci-fi/fantasy/mystery bookstore was opening up in Astoria, Queens. Well, they had their grand opening this past weekend, and it was fantastic!

enigma exterior


The space was primed and ready, and I was thrilled to see a nice crowd in the store. The store itself looks great, with artwork and wall stickers (my little guy achieved brief Twitter fame for being photographed next to the Death Star), gargoyles and action figures throughout. It looks kind of like my living room, and with comfortable seating and carpet space, I was almost tempted to kick off my shoes, grab a book and read.

158 157

What I love most about Enigma is that it’s a perfect space – you have kids? Sure, bring them in. They’re welcome, and wanted. In fact, Claire and Hugh, the store’s owners, had activities planned for kids, including a spaceship craft activity and a storytime, run by elves and fairies (okay – perhaps they were cosplayers, but you never know). But the store isn’t just a kids’ bookstore, nor is it just for grownups. Enigma wants all of us – nerds, geeks, freaks, mystery buffs, bibliomaniacs all – you’re welcome here. 

For us (dubious) grown-ups, there was geek trivia and giveaways, which I wasn’t able to stick around for – chalk it up to toddler mom problems. If you missed it, too, don’t fret – head over to Enigma’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @EnigmaBookstore – and you’ll be sure to get updates for future events.

So what about the books, you ask? Enigma is selling new and used books, which rocks. They even have a graphic novel and comic book section in the back room, where I picked up a few issues of Gambit’s last run that I missed when I was on my comic break. They’re only going to be adding to their selection, so please, PLEASE, go and support Enigma. They’re more than a bookstore; they are actively working at creating a community for us. I, for one, am excited and grateful. Thank you so much, Claire and Hugh, and I’ll see you soon.

In the meantime, check out some more pictures from Enigma’s opening.

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Enigma Bookstore: 33-17 Crescent Street, Astoria

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