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And Then Emily Was Gone Concludes, Send Your Therapy Bills to ComixTribe


And Then Emily Was Gone, the 5-installment horror comic from ComixTribe, wraps up on December 17th with a conclusion that will leave you reeling, shaking your head, and possibly wondering what the hell just happened. Go with it. Read the entire series again, and you’re still going to feel the same way. Trust me. I just did.

And Then Emily Was Gone Concludes, Send Your Therapy Bills to ComixTribe

Upon finally closing in on the truth behind Emily’s disappearance, Greg is at the brink, and Fiona’s not doing so great, either. Where is Emily? What’s going on here, exactly? You have to read to find out, because there’s not much more I can get into here. Suffice to say your mind will warp, and your heart may break, and then, you’ll wonder where in the world that gut punch came from. John Lees knows how to construct the kind of mystery that goes beyond noir, beyond horror, that gets into your core, like a damp chill that won’t go away.

Iain Laurie’s art is so tight with Lees’ storyline, you’d swear they wrote this book sitting side by side. His artwork is a nightmare stretching across pages, both surreal and horrible, with promises of terrible things in your closet, under your bed, whispering awful truths in your ear.

So naturally, I loved the book. It’s a story that isn’t meant for one read, then bagged and boarded for posterity. You will want to pull this out again, read issues backward, trying to reverse engineer the story in your own mind, and see if it’s any less unsettling (it’s not). You’ll want your friends to read this, and talk with you about it, and see if it gets the chill out of your bones (nope).

If you’ve missed out on And Then Emily Was Gone up until now, no worries – the trade paperback hits stores on January 28th. All of the issues, including issue #5, are available digitally on Comixology now, if you can’t wait.



Writer: John Lees
Artist: Iain Laurie
Variant Cover Artist: Cody Schibi
Publisher: ComixTribe
Price: $3.50
On Sale: December 17, 2014
Diamond ID: SEP141227

Writer: John Lees
Artist: Iain Laurie
Publisher: ComixTribe
Price: $17.99
On Sale: January 28, 2015
Diamond ID: NOV141187
ISBN: 978098306892151799

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