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Electrocomics – A New Comic Creating App from Alan Moore


Electrocomics - A New Comic Creating App from Alan MooreAlan Moore announced his new app yesterday, Electrocomics. More than just a comic app, it is also meant to enable anyone to create their own digital comics. The idea behind the app is to have a platform where creators can work in the digital format from a story’s genesis not just take the printed page and convert it to digital. The app is still under development but will feature a 32 page comic featuring four very different original titles:

  • Big Nemo ‐ set in the 1930s, Alan Moore revisits Winsor McCay’s most popular hero
  • Cabaret Amygdala – modernist horror from writer Peter Hogan (Terra Obscura)
  • Red Horse ‐ on the anniversary of the beginning of World War One, Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Boys) and Danish artist Peter Snejbjerg (World War X) take us back to the trenches
  • Sway ‐ a slick new time travel science fiction story from Leah Moore and John Reppion (Sherlock Holmes ‐ The Liverpool Demon, 2000AD)

From the press release:

The most famous modern comic book writer in the world, Alan Moore, is leading a research and development project to create an app enabling digital comics to be made by anyone.

Already known for revolutionising the comic book industry in the 1980s, Moore is pushing boundaries again with Electricomics – an app that is both a comic book and an easy-to-use open source toolkit. Being open source and free, the app has wide potential not just for industry professionals, but also businesses, arts organisations and of course comic fans and creators everywhere.

“Personally, I can’t wait,” said Moore. “With Electricomics, we are hoping to address the possibilities of comic strips in this exciting new medium, in a way that they have never been addressed before.

“Rather than simply transferring comic narrative from the page to the screen, we intend to craft stories expressly devised to test the storytelling limits of this unprecedented technology. To this end we are assembling teams of the most cutting edge creators in the industry and then allowing them input into the technical processes in order to create a new capacity for telling comic book stories.

“It will then be made freely available to all of the exciting emergent talent that is no doubt out there, just waiting to be given access to the technical toolkit that will enable them to create the comics of the future.”

Go here for the full press release.

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