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Ehmm Theory #2 – Things Are Getting Weirder!


If you read issue one of Action Labs Danger Zone series Ehmm Theory you read that title and said “Wait weirder?” Yes my friends weirder and weirder.

EhmmTheory02cvrGiant Crab on the cover, check. As long as we’re seeing the same thing let’s continue.

At the end of issue one Alvona had saved Gabriel and Mr. Whiskers collective asses and has promised to help Gabe find his dad. Somehow I knew this would be a rocky proposition.

EhmmTheory02-2 EhmmTheory02-3

EhmmTheory02-4 EhmmTheory02-5

So, I guess Mr. Whiskers isn’t the only talking animal around here, huh. I would absolutely love to show you the next but I promised Brockton McKinney I wouldn’t post anything too “spoiler-ific”!

What have we got? This was a book that one issue ago had the protagonist smacking the heads of killer zombie midget clowns is now a road movie and now (according to the cover) is going to have some giant monster action! Hey guess what, if you go back and read those few pages again you’ll notice something. For all the wacky gory action there’s a story here as well.

Issue two hits the stands Wednesday July 10th, call your local shop and reserve a copy!

Writer: Brockton, McKinney
Artist: Larkin, Ford
Cover Artist: Larkin, Ford
Ehmm Theory continues as Gabriel and Mr. Whispers discover the true connection they share with the mysterious Alyona. One step closer to Gabe’s father, the three encounter the top-secret super-team known only as G.O.D.D. and fight for their lives against a cybernetic crab. What? Yes. Craborg is coming!
Price: $3.99
UPC: 79997519464600211
On Sale: July 17, 2013
Publisher: Action Lab
Diamond Id: MAY130763

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