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Edward Scissorhands #2 Review – Eli Is On The Loose!


"Edward Scissorhands" #2 Review - Eli Is On The Loose!The book that I most highly anticipated and greedily lifted off the comic shelf before anyone else could would undoubtedly be IDW’s “Edward Scissorhands.”  I grabbed each and every cover offered and held them with a tight grip.  The work being exhibited in IDW’s new series was enough to warrant this fervor; this new-found passion I had for comic-book storytelling.  The best way to describe the rush of feelings I had for the second issue of Kate Leth’s “Edward Scissorhands” issue 2 would be to compare it to that of Johnny Depp’s love for Winona Ryder.  The only exception is that if I were to tattoo Edward Scissorhands or Kate Leth on my arm, it would be done without any regret.  Most definitely a fervent enthusiasm would emanate from me as her work on this title expresses a real, sincere magic. IDW’s “Edward Scissorhands” issue 2 is magic!

Issue two opens with “the strange creation” known as Eli on the loose in the Burton-esque suburbs of where “Edward Scissorhands” takes place.  Eli, at times a boy like version of Edward, with a bit of a kindergarten Jack Skellington thrown in for good measure, wonders aimlessly through the streets.  He hides from the children playing, but inquisitively watches their child like movements with awe.  He comes across a dog, EdSciss02-01mailbox, and an electrical box and scavenges at times to great comedic effect.  It’s the inclusion of this new character, a decommissioned experiment by the Vincent Price character from the film, that feels the most Burton in a series based on a Burton film.  He’s written with such sincerity and care by Kate Leth.  Pairing her with the talents of Drew Rausch (artist) and Jeremy Colwell (colorist), allows Eli to become the little goth boy of every goth girl’s dream.  He’s the rambunctious kid that you can’t help but love and the boy who most “normal” people don’t get.  However,  despite his lack of responding to direction and his aimless search for truly some thing, Edward learns that he is hostile.  Eli hasn’t fully shown that side of himself yet, but he’s still depicted in a way that truly adds an extra layer to this title.

EdSciss02-02Edward Scissorhands takes a back seat in this issue, not necessarily a bad move, as we get to understand more of Megan’s desire to know more of her grandmother, Kim (Winona Ryder).  While Megan’s mother believes “dwelling on the past [is]not good for anyone”, she feels otherwise and sets out to visit her grandmother’s grave with her diary in tow.  She learns that Edward has always been with Kim and decides to visit the gothic mansion which serves as his home.

Every beat in issue 2 of “Edward Scissorhands” is felt and not once lost on the reader.  Kate Leth is writing a story that definitely appeals to her and is deeply personal as she says that Tim Burton “was my idol throughout my teens.”  The characterizations feel like Tim Burton and the book reads as authentically as possible.  Along with artist, Drew Rausch, and colorist, Jeremy Colwell, the creative team have concocted a story that feels unique and is set apart from the rest of this week’s releases.  Their work brings to life an important and iconic character for so many in the form of a wonderful comic book.  As I finished issue #2 of “Edward Scissorhands” all I could think of was how heart warming this title is, along with the magic Leth, Rausch, and Colwell have as artists!

EdSciss02-03 EdSciss02-04

“Edward Scissorhands” #2 gets five out of five topiary stars. And while speaking of topiary stars, pay attention to the inside cover as the topiaries change from issue to issue. Thank you to the editor, Sarah Gaydos, for pointing this out!
EdSciss02-00Edward Scissorhands #2 (of 5)
Writer: Leth, Kate
Artist: Rausch, Drew
Cover Artist: Wada, Kevin
On Sale November 26, 2014
Publisher IDW
Diamond Id: SEP140426
Price: $3.99
UPC: 82771400724400211

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