Earth2: Society #1 - The Convergence saga continues! ~ What'cha Reading?

Earth2: Society #1 – The Convergence saga continues!

Earth2: Society #1 - The Convergence saga continues!
Earth2: Society #1
w. Daniel H. Wilson
a. Jorge Jimenez
4 out of 5 Space Monkeys
Why?:  The Justice Society has a long and important history within the various eras of D.C., but never has the Society’s part been more important than ever to their New 52 counterparts. After the events of Earth2 World’s End ( Earth devoured by Apokolips as Darkseid and his invasion force laid waste to its inhabitants ) and the timeline shattering event known as Convergence, the heroes of Earth2 have their work cut out for them.
earth-2-world_s-end-26-coverA new Earth has been given to them, a gift from Telos after the timelines were corrected in Convergence. With 2 million civilian refugees who survived the atrocities of Darkseid’s invasion (escaping Earth’s destruction in Generation Starships) in their care, Superman, Batman, Aquawoman, Powergirl, Flash, Hawkwoman and the rest of their fellow heroes have a chance to help rebuild society, possibly making a better one, on their new home.
But every Eden has a snake in the grass, and this one is known as Terry Sloan. Sloan, called Overmatched while in command of the Twelve Starships, was once an ally of the heroes. He used his vast intellect( and unbridled ego: to help save humanity and Facebook Darkseid’ s forces, but was also responsible for giving the order to land the crash land the Generation Ships on the New Earth upon their arrival, causing thousands more to die.
Now hunted through New Gotham, the first city of the New Earth2 ( built by cannibalizing the starships) by both hero and villain alike, Sloan reveals to Dick Grayson ( walking again, and wearing the cape and cowl of Batman thanks to Mr. Terrific) that all is not what it seems, and Sloan may not be the man behind the curtain we all think he is.
Wilson, who helped lead the heroes through the destruction of World’s End, is back for some world building, and has set the stage for a very interesting take on the Justice Society, and their role in the New Earth2′ s attempt to build a civilization. Jimenez’ s art is dynamic, with crisp lines and smart uses of shadow and shading, captures the sci-fi flavor this book has written all over it.
If you were a fan of the previous Earth 2 run, World’s End or really enjoyed Convergence, then this is the book for you. If you dig sci-fi, and alternate takes on superheroes and exploring new roles with said characters, then you’ll love this. Just get the book man!

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