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Dynamite’s Li’L Sonja – MAKE THIS A MONTHLY. Please.


As has been well documented here, I am a devoted fan of the red-headed She-Devil, so I was happy to see that Li’l Sonja was on Dynamite’s list of “Li’l Dynamite”-one shots. I have to say, I was very happy with the issue.



Li’l Sonja is adorable and yet every bit the badass that her more grown-up counterpart is, but yet child-friendly enough that I can hand this book over to my younger/tween comic fans at one of my library sites and say, “Check this out. Welcome to comics!”

Writer Jim Zub makes Sonja that ballsy little girl on the playground. Monsters? Bandits? Pfft. She’s got no time for it, and swings into action. The activity sheets (every Li’l Dynamite issue comes with ’em) are huge fun and add a new dimension of activity and fun to reading. A big thing, when you’re trying to turn kids onto reading and especially when you’re putting – gasp! – learning stuff into comics.

Artist Joel Carroll gives the Li’l Sonja crew a fun, playful look, which is important when you’re introducing little ones to sword and sorcery. The monsters can’t scare them off entirely!

I’d love to see Dynamite continue the Li’l Dynamite line, because it’s been a great time. It’s also creating future readers for their bigger titles – I can’t hand my 9 year-old patrons Vampirella or Red Sonja right now (now matter how awesome they are), but I can absolutely give them a Li’l book and get them started. Because girls need to read comics, too.

Five out of 5 scimitars held high on this one! It hit shelves today – go get your copy!

Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Joel Carroll
Cover Artist: Art Baltazar
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Dynamite
On-Sale: January 29, 2014
Diamond ID: NOV130967


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