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Dynamite Entertainment – The Shadow Special Issue Dec 26th


December 26th will be a slow day in the comic book world. Comixology.com is showing about eleven books going out to shops that week. Now one of those is Amazing Spider-Man #700 so that’s no small thing but still eleven titles? That single issue, mini-series, and trades? All companies combined? I may just catch up on my “to read” pile!

So here’s one of those titles, I give you…


The Shadow – Veterans of a Foreign War

Lamont Cranston and Margo Lane run into a man from Lamont’s past but something about him just doesn’t seem right and The Shadow aims to find out just what it is. Meanwhile Margo is intrigued, not only with meeting someone out of Lamont’s past but that someone calls Lamont by his former name! Dun DUn DUN!

This is a great stand-alone adventure. Even if you just have passing knowledge of the characters in the world of The Shadow you never feel lost. And I must admit that this peek into Mr. Cranston’s past has me curious about how the rest of the series reads.

Now if you’re already following the series, fear not! The Shadow #11 is due out in February and it will have the thrilling conclusion to the “Revolutionary!” storyline. With books like this is hard to fathom Dynamite not getting higher sales.

**On a separate note, if you’ve never heard one of the radio dramas that kept the country on the edge of their seats, you really owe it to yourself to check them out. Old Radio World has 56 episodes in mp3 format. Enjoy!

The Shadow Special #1
Writer: Beatty, Scott
Artist: Cliquet, Ronan
Cover Artist: Ross, Alex
Price: $4.99
UPC: 72513019936200111
On Sale: December 26, 2012
Publisher: Dynamite
Diamond Id: OCT120992
The Shadow knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men. But when Lamont Cranston crosses paths with an old friend–a fellow veteran of “the war to end all wars”–Cranston’s justice serving alter ego must judge a man whose path to villainy began with their friendship! At the risk of his own secrets being laid bare, Cranston accepts an invitation to join a very exclusive club of adventurers whose dark hearts might be the worst The Shadow has ever encountered!

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