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Dynamite brings Chaos to a 20th Anniversary!


Back in the day, I was a pretty big Chaos! fan. I read all the big titles: Lady Death, Chastity, Purgatory, Evil Ernie. I was disappointed when the company folded, but glad to see Lady Death pop up periodically. Now, Dynamite celebrates Chaos! Comics’ 20th anniversary by bringing Chaos! back in this miniseries, written by Batman Eternal scribe Tim Seeley and with art by Mirka Andolfo, who you may know from her work in Fanboys vs. Zombies.

Dynamite brings Chaos to a 20th Anniversary!

The J. Scott Campbell cover is just what the doctor ordered for this book – I’ve been a Campbell fan for years; I love his art. There are also gorgeous alternate covers by Tim Seeley, Emanuela Lupacchino, and Carlos Rafael, so really, any of these covers is a win.

Chaos01-Cov-Seeley Chaos01-Cov-LupacchinoChaos01-Cov-Rafael

The story jumps right in, no origins or introductions given. Purgatori’s back on earth, and she’s still got Chastity doing her dirty work. Evil Ernie is on the hunt for sinners, and Smiley the Psychotic Button is along for the ride.  There are apocalyptic visions, and a group of teenagers out to save the world, and everyone is on a collision course. As Dynamite puts it, there will be TOTAL CHAOS.

The only problem? If you don’t know the original Chaos characters, or have kept up with Evil Ernie’s comic, you’re going to be very confused. I found myself re-reading the issue a couple of times to get a grip on all the different storylines introduced in this 24-page issue, and figure out who’s doing what. I get that this is most likely laying groundwork for the larger storyline, with revelations to come, but this first issue may leave some readers a little wobbly. Come on, Dynamite – give me all the Chaos! you can muster.

Stick with it – because Chaos? Totally worth it. And if you’re an old school fan like I am, pull out your old Purgatori issues and refresh your memory. Because her origin has to come up at some point – they refer to her real name in the story. Plus, Dynamite is launching a Chastity series come July, so we’re bound to get a lot more background on the awesome vampiric hunter.

The art is gorgeous. I can’t get enough of it. Vampires, wrath of God, visions of The End of Days and a guy getting his head punched off – it all comes together beautifully. This one’s not for the kiddies, so be prepared for some blood. But the art itself? There is some stunning work here.

All in all, this first issue is promising – stick with it. I give it 3 out of 5, but I can’t wait for more.

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Writer: Tim Seeley
Art: Mirka Andolfo
Publisher: Dynamite
Price: $3.99
On-Sale: May 7, 2014
Diamond ID: MAR141027


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