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Dynamite – Bionic Woman #6


This one’s for the ladies (mostly – I don’t discriminate). Remember watching Bionic Woman back in the day and wishing you’d see Jaime Sommers really let loose? Yeah, we all got to see Steve Austin kick ass and take names, but  Jaime hardly ever got into a real, knock-down, drag-out fight where we could see what bionics were fully capable of. The rebooted series a few years ago never stood a chance (still blaming the writers’ strike for that one), which crushed me, because I thought we’d finally see the Bionic Woman we all need to see.

She has arrived, ladies and gentlemen, and she is on the pages of Dynamite Comics.


Quick backgrounder – filmmaker and comic fanboy Kevin Smith, aka  Silent Bob, brought The Bionic Man to us last year, also through Dynamite. Bionic Woman, written by Paul Tobin, comes to us from the pages of Smith’s comic, so the two are still, as they should be, linked. OSI and Oscar Goldman are back, but Jaime  is clearly not a fan this time. In fact, she’s pretty pissed off right about now. Her friend’s been put in danger, some bionic jerk is trying to kill her, and OSI won’t leave her alone. Jaime spends most of this issue in a smackdown with a henchman from an insidious group called The Mission, and she pulls no punches. She’s strong, she’s pissed off, and she’s glorious. Leno Carvalho’s art gives us a realistic-looking Jaime – she’s in jeans and a tee, in shape, and genetically believable. Carvalho’s got a lot of kinetic movement in the frames, and it really moves the comic along.

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I don’t want to veer into spoiler territory here, so get to your comic book store tomorrow and pick up this issue of Bionic Woman.

Bionic Woman #6

Story by: Paul Tobin
Art By: Leno Carvalho
Cover By: Paul Renaud
Price: $3.99
Diamond ID: JUN121064

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