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Dungeon Fun Creators to Pen Doctor Who Strips!


Dungeon Fun Creators to Pen Doctor Who Strips!You all know that I am a huge Whovian and a  big fan of Titan’s Doctor Who comics (reviews are coming for the latest Ten and Eleven comics as I road trip to Chicago, actually). One of the things I love best about the comics are the backpages, which allows artists and writers the chance to have a little fun with the Doctor and his companions—Pond Life in particular makes me smile. So imagine how psyched I am about Titan’s announcement that the Twelfth Doctor series will be getting similar material beginning with Issue #2! And from the material Titan’s sent us (see below for all of it), it sounds like some of it will focus on the domestics—Whouffaldians, think of the possibilities!! Check out the full press release below.


Dungeon Fun Creators to Pen Doctor Who Strips!

Titan Comics is proud to announce the creators of Dungeon Fun will join Rachael Smith, Emma Price  and Marc Ellerby in the line-up of stellar talent producing humor strips for Titan’s Doctor Who comics!


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Debuting with Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #2, Colin Bell and Neil Slorance produce single page humor strips focusing on The Twelfth Doctor and Clara’s further adventures in space and time.

For Bell and Slorance, whose all-ages comic DUNGEON FUN won all 4 Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards in July, this is a dream assignment.

Bell says, “To be the men who put the words in the mouth of The Man Who Stops The Monsters is an incredible honor for us both!

“We’re concerned with what happens in the smaller moments between crises, when the galaxy’s not being saved. Who takes the bins out? Where do they go for lunch? Neil and I hope to answer these questions; and as always, the answers await us… in time! “

Bell & Slorance join the incredible line-up of back-up creators Titan have assembled, along with Rachael Smith and Emma Price on Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor, and Marc Ellerby on Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor, with more artists to be announced!

“As someone who loved Matt Smith’s time as the Doctor, I’m over the moon to be involved with the brand new comics,” says Marc Ellerby. “I’m donning my fez and raggedy blazer to help power through the drawings!”

“I’m so excited to be able to work on these strips,” Rachael Smith adds. “I’m having so much fun writing for the characters!”

Emma Price says, “It’s thrilling being able to support such a diverse and accomplished range of creators in a new era of comics adventures with the Doctor!”

“It’s a delight to showcase the work of some immensely talented indie creators through the Doctor Who comics,” says Doctor Who editor Andrew James. “Hopefully we’re introducing our readers to a whole universe of new writers and artists, as well as offering some charming and hilarious shorts with these beloved characters.”

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #2 is on sale in comic stores globally and via comiXology from November 19.

Find out more at titan-comics.com, where you can also pre-order or subscribe to each series!

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