DST's Superman Bust; The Statue of Tomorrow!

DST’s Superman Bust; The Statue of Tomorrow!

Superman bust

Photos by Steven Biscotti

Diamond Select Toys’ latest collectible based off of Superman: The Animated Series releases today and it’s of none other than the Man of Steel himself – Superman!  The Superman resin bust by Diamond Select Toys (DST) is a must have for just about any Superman collector as it’s not only the perfect representation of the character from his hit animated series, but a classic and charming piece of the grandfather of all super heroes.  This was a release I’ve been greatly looking forward to since it was revealed at New York Comic Con 2015 and as soon as it arrived at my local comic shop – Royal Collectibles, I was sure to pick him up… faster than a speeding bullet.

While Diamond Select Toys have been releasing collectibles based off of Batman: The Animated Series since July 2015, their products regarding Superman: The Animated Series are pretty new.  As much as I love Batman, Superman is my favorite and the Bruce Timm animated series remains my favorite incarnation of the Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster character.  The animated series, much like Batman, presented the character in an immediately identifiable way and the designs and overall look captured the iconography of its colorful cast of heroes and villains.  With Diamond Select Toys’ excellent team, the charming aesthetic of the animated series is brought to life with their vinyl statues and resin busts.

This March I reviewed the Supergirl resin bust and felt that it was “a perfect addition to any collection and area in the home/office or Fortress of Solitude.”  It is with no surprise that I have the same exact sentiment to express over Diamond Select Toys’ Superman resin bust.

Superman bust Superman bust

Standing at 6″ tall, the Superman resin bust is sculpted by Varner Studios.  Capturing the heroic likeness of Kal-El (Tim Daly) as Superman, this bust is an immediate must have that’s right up there with DST’s Batman resin bust.  Superman, like his cousin Kara, sits atop a Metropolis skyscraper that retains the show’s art deco.

Superman bust

The resin bust of Superman is surprisingly heavy and has some weight to it despite it’s size.  Bringing to mind the clarity and attention to detail that Marvel’s classic Bowen busts had, the Superman resin bust by Varner Studios and released by Diamond Select Toys offers a premium collectible at a collector and family friendly price or $59.99 retail.

Just like Supergirl, this resin bust of Superman retains a remarkable paint application with practically no areas of bleeding.  The blues, reds, and yellow are vibrant and stand out as the Superman Animated bust to have; perhaps even more so than the DC Collectibles statue previously offered last year.

Superman bust

The Superman resin bust that I picked up at Royal Collectibles is numbered 60 out of 3,000 and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

As of right now, Diamond Select Toys has a Lex Luthor and Brainiac resin bust planned, along with a “Gallery” vinyl statue of Superman.  Hey DST Zach, when is the team going to give us Lois Lane or Livewire?

You could check out my coverage of DST at New York Toy Fair to find out more regarding their exciting line up.

For more on Diamond Select Toys, please visit diamondselecttoys.com and if you’re just as eager to get the Superman Bust, or any other great Diamond Select Toys release from this week, but don’t know where to go – you could check out Comic Shop Locator to find a store closest to you.

Superman bust Superman bust Superman bust Superman bust

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