DST's Supergirl Bust Review. Does She Soar?

DST’S Supergirl Bust Review. Does She Soar?


Supergirl BustThis week saw the release of several great new Diamond Select Toys collectibles.  Among the new releases was the first bust – Supergirl – in DST’s Superman The Animated Series line.  New York Toy Fair showcased the upcoming Superman and Lex Luthor bust, along with Supergirl, and they looked great.  But just seeing them was one thing.  I had to get these collector hands on them.

I grew up with Batman and Superman The Animated Series.  The work of Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett, and Paul Dini stand as one of the most definitive chapters in the history of both iconic DC characters.  If you look over both animated series, the stories, and the character designs, it’s amazing to see just how much respect was given to the original heroes and villains while also giving it a slightly modern spin.  When Diamond Select Toys announced and revealed their upcoming collection of busts, PVC statues, and items based off of the DC animated television universe at Toy Fair 2015, it was very exciting for fans.  DC Collectibles had already begun a sturdy line of action figures, but having statues and busts based off of the characters in Batman, Superman, and Justice League?  We hadn’t seen that since the Warner Bros. Studio Store.  Starting off with Batman The Animated Series and Justice League last year, we did get a Femme Fatales’ Supergirl PVC statue of Kara in her Superman costume and Justice League Unlimited one.  But now, in early 2016, we finally have the start of Diamond Select Toys Superman The Animated Series line of busts.

It’s only natural (and right for us Man of Steel fans) that Superman The Animated Series gets its time in the sun.  We all love Batman The Animated Series, but let’s not forget how many great character designs came out of Superman!  One of those characters being Kara In-Ze.  The Supergirl Bust by Diamond Select Toys is out now, retailing at $59.99, and it’s limited to 3,000 pieces.  Heading to Royal Collectibles as soon as they opened, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of Diamond Select Toys latest and greatest of busts.  Picking up number 0257 of 3000, the bust sculpted by Varner Studios came home with me.

Supergirl Bust

The Supergirl Bust by Diamond Select Toys is surprisingly heavy for its 5″ height.  Made out of resin, the Varner Studios sculpt is amazingly impressive as it captures Kara In-Ze perfectly.  Bruce Timm’s character designs remain as some of the best interpretations all these years after the 90’s series premiered.  There’s a simplicity to each character and it only adds to their charm.  Supergirl is just as charming as she appeared in Superman The Animated Series and despite the brighter look that captures the world of her cousin, she fits perfectly alongside the previously released Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Batman, and Catwoman Bust.

Supergirl Bust Supergirl Bust

The paint application is very strong with little signs of bleeding.  The yellows, reds, and blues really pop on the bust and the line work on her eyebrows, eyes, and shirt are perfectly accentuated in black.

Supergirl Bust

Supergirl/Kara In-Ze sits atop a building in Metropolis and on the base is numbered.  The Supergirl Bust by Diamond Select Toys also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, along with it’s numbering.

Supergirl Bust

If you’re a fan of the Batman and Superman animated series, the work by Diamond Select Toys should not be missed.  They are currently offering and producing the collectibles for fans with a close eye on detail, affordability, and premium quality.  With the size and overall design of their animated series busts, like Supergirl, it makes for a perfect addition to any collection and area in the home/office or Fortress of Solitude.

For more on Diamond Select Toys, please visit diamondselecttoys.com and if you’re just as eager to get the Supergirl Bust, or any other great Diamond Select Toys release from this week, but don’t know where to go – you could check out Comic Shop Locator to find a store closest to you.

Supergirl Bust Supergirl Bust Supergirl Bust Supergirl Bust Supergirl Bust

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