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Dry Spell Debuts on Comixology Today!


I have to admit, I had to write the beginning of this review a couple of different times because of the very nature of this comic. Dry Spell, by Ken Krekeler is so very complex in nature that to talk too much about it would be to spoil one of the big plot twists in it, and that’s not something I want to do here.


In this comic, superheroes are a normal characteristic of life; the main superhero, Apollo, teams up with the government to take care of things, people gossip about him as if he were any other celebrity, and it’s all completely normal. And this is the life that the main character, Tom, ends up in. He’s shown to be a normal guy, working a normal job, and it’s all just so sickeningly normal.

Until he gets found out by his boss. He has super-powers, and he used to be a big time character. As the comic goes on, the reader is let in on several secrets, before showing the big secret in the middle of the book. And then all the pieces that were mentioned from the beginning tumble into place.

To be quite honest, I didn’t think I was going to like this book from the first twenty or so pages. However, by page 41, when the main plot twist came into play – I was completely and utterly hooked. I read the whole thing in one sitting because suddenly, those twenty pages or so made sense. It was all completely necessary to get to the place that the author wanted to.

Even after the twist, there was something about it that made me wonder how good the comic is when it relies solely on plot twists. However, when the main character is faced with everything crumbling down around him, the true merits shine; the psychological insights that the writer gives not only the main character, but also the antagonist are brilliant. For a moment, all pretenses fall away; you can see each character for who they truly are, and who they have become. And it makes the reader question what makes a hero, and what makes a villain?

Of course, there is something to be said for the art. The art is so visually striking that it sometimes is just beautiful to look at – and sometimes, it’s distracting from the comic. In certain splash pages where the words wrap around the page, the art takes away from the meaning that the words are trying to convey; yet, in other cases, like the end of the comic, it’s completely and utterly perfect.

All in all, Dry Spell is a comic I’d highly recommend, and it makes me very interested to see else what the author/artist comes up with.

I give this a four out of five cubicles.




Writer/Illustrator: Ken Krekeler
Publisher: Kinetic Press
Diamond Id: OCT111224
Price: $3.99
Pub Date: Goes digital on November 20, 2013
ComiXology Link: Dry Spell


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