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DREXLER #1 – It Takes a Monster To Kill One


DREXLER is a Sci-Fi tale that follows Erron Drexler, a soldier of fortune, returning to his small town roots to investigate a string of monstrous slayings despite being considered a monster himself (by his childhood community) for events that transpired in his youth. Events that he has been running from ever since…

So we have a murder mystery, which seems pretty cut and dried at first. We have a hero no one thinks of as a hero, the exact opposite in fact, and we have antagonists that are easy to hate (or at least be grossed out by.) This could be a straight up monster slaughter book and that would be cool, Bob Salley has shown that he can write a fun interesting book, and one look at Nathan Kelly’s art, with Don Mathias’ colors, and HdE’s letters will have you settling in for a hell of a beautiful ride. But I’ve had the pleasure of reading a good chunk of the story and I think we’ve got a winner here. There’s a rich sci-fi world that has the potential for some twists and turns, I don’t know what the team has in store for us but the pages I’ve read were more than enough to get me on board!

Head over to the kick and get your hands on the beginning of a cool new horror/sci-fi series from a creative team that can really deliver the goods!

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