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Dream Thief #3, Noir-Action-Mystery Continues!



If you haven’t been getting Dark Horse’s  Dream Thief by Jai Nitz and Gregory Smallwood, you’re missing out on the Modern-Pulp hit of the summer.
John Lincoln is an average guy, between jobs (stage magician and movie director), has an addiction problem (booze, pot and just about anything he can get his hands on) and on the outs with his girl (whose been withdrawn since a break-in attempt had her rattled). After a night of cheating on his girl, getting high and stealing a priceless antique mask, John finds himself waking from a blackout, wearing the mask, and his girlfriend dead in the next room. A sudden rush of memories, not his own, fill him in. His girlfriend killed an innocent man she assumed was the culprit behind her break in. He had no choice but to kill her. Along with the dead man’s memories, John also absorbed his skills. These are put to use as his compulsion to kill those who have committed crimes increases…. As do the memories and skills of the innocents he avenges.
Is his new-found power a curse from the stolen mask? Or do the narrative letters from his estranged, imprisoned father reveal him to be a legacy hero? Or is he just plain crazy and gets it from Pops?
Jai Nitz spins a great almost superhero noir yarn that catches you from page one. His pacing is quick and exciting and he craftily puts you in the mindscape of John Lincoln; you learn as he learns and the mystery deepens.
The noir-action flavor given to this tale is only aided by Gregory Smallwood’s shadowy pencil style and splashy panel arrangement, very reminiscent of Sean Phillips on Sleeper. It captures the mood and mystery perfectly.

Check this book out, you can’t miss these great covers on the shelves,

#1 by Alex Ross


#2 by Ryan Shook


And the current issue #3 (shown at the top of the article) by Kevin Nowlan

All three capturing the gritty down to earth flavor of the book.


Dream Thief #3

John Lincoln’s unpredictable crusade of supernatural revenge lands him in Mississippi, where he takes on the perpetrators of a decades-old hate crime. But will the skills he’s accumulated from the spirits of the dead be enough for the Dream Thief when he faces down an angry mob in the sweltering South?

* Written by Bram Stoker Award winner Jai Nitz!
Writer: Jai Nitz
Artist: Greg Smallwood
Cover Artist: Kevin Nowlan
Genre: Crime, Superhero
Publication Date: July 17, 2013
Format: FC, 32 pages; Miniseries
Price: $3.99
UPC: 7 61568 22444 3 00311

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