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Dream Gifts for the What’cha Reading Crew


We know you are all true fans of our little site here at What’cha Reading. So I thought I’d give you a way to show your appreciation to your favorite writers. A gift list so you know exactly how to make each and every one of us feel warm and fuzzy this holiday season. Now I know these seem a bit pricey but get a group together, chip in and it will be fine!

Julie would like a full-sized Tardis replica for her backyard. She wants to be able to look out with the hope of a certain Time Lord coming for her. Ebay’s got one for just a little over $1700.

Dream Gifts for the What'cha Reading Crew

Time Lord not included.

Juan would like the original Batmobile and look there are bargain versions priced to move at $79,000! Who knew?


Our Librarian in Residence Rosemary of course wants a book. Not just any book though. She’d like a first edition of the Hobbit. A mere $29,000 and you can make her happy. 

hobbit first

Bob wants to command his own enterprise but he needs the original Captain’s chair to do it, $2900 will grant his wish. He’d also like you to be an electronics whiz and rig it to work his TV, door buzzer and intercom.



Chuck the Editor Monkey also has cars on his mind this Christmas. Starsky and Hutch’s Gran Torino for one, a bargain at $18,000.



or if you want to spend a little more to really show him your love he’ll take the General Lee from Dukes of Hazard which sold recently for a little under $36,000. Although he might have to settle for a ’69 Charger he can customize himself which start around $55,000 for one in decent shape .


And me? Oh I’m easy. Just $8000 and you can buy me my very own Cylon. Who can’t use an extra toaster around the house?


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