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Down with the Ship, and Here: A Sci-fi Epic from Claire Connelly


Down with the Ship, and Here: A Sci-fi Epic from Claire Connelly

Down with the Ship, and Here: A Sci-fi Epic from Claire Connelly

Down with the Ship: A collection of short comics and Here: A Sci-Fi Epic is a kickstarter project collecting the works of Claire Connelly, a truly talented artist with a knack for storytelling. Readers of this site may remember Claire being mentioned before, as far back as May of 2012 (.) And again in our review of her collaboration with Eric Grissom (). She’s young, but she’s crazy talented and the stories on her kickstarter (some of which can viewed on her website are worth reading. These two volumes (available in print or digital) show some of her best work to date.

DOWN WITH THE SHIP: A COLLECTION OF SHORT COMICS is a collected graphic novel of mini comic made during 2012 and 2013. Many of the stories included in DOWN WITH THE SHIP have been long out of print or never in print before. The book is over 170 pages and includes a full color soft cover with black and white interiors. The stories run any where from 4 to over 40 pages.

HERE: A SCI-FI EPIC is a 150 page soft cover comic that had a short run of about 20 books. The story is about an Astronaut/Science experiment that is floating above earth. But in a matter of minutes Samson the astronaut finds himself hurling toward Mars. Where he is then forced to find a comfortable place to die but finds that he has gotten himself into something much bigger.

Drop by her site,, Twitter, Tumblr, or  Facebook and check out her work, then go get on board the kickstarter. You’ll be glad you did.

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