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Doomboy: Of Love, Loss, and Heavy Metal


D is a teen with an active imagination and a love of heavy metal. He’s got a quick temper, and people don’t always know how to be around him. D doesn’t really care too much. He’s mourning his girlfriend, and he turns to the one way he knows how to communicate: his music.

Doomboy: Of Love, Loss, and Heavy Metal

D goes out to the beach with his best friend, and, using the name “Doomboy”, sends his music out to where he feels it will reach her, beyond the grave. What he doesn’t know is that his music is being picked up and broadcast, and Doomboy is developing a fan following. Being a rock god is a bit too much, too soon for D – will he disappear? Will he embrace his fame? What about the reason he made his music to begin with, will that be lost?

I was touched by this book. You think death metal, you don’t think sensitive or touching, right? But that’s exactly what this story is. D’s message to his girlfriend is bittersweet, infused with loss and some pain, but overall, filled with love. It’s how he deals with his loss – we can all relate to wanting a coping mechanism for that. Tony Sandoval’s story and art are quiet and powerful, with gentle motion filling each page, be it the wind in D’s hair (and his dog’s ears) or the imagery that fills D’s mind, floating through the skies past him. The book includes the original short story that inspired the full-length graphic novel, and I warn you – it’s a gut-puncher.

The book has been released, in English, for the first time this past September. The book is an Official Selection of the 2012 Angouleme International Comics Festival and winner of the Coup de Coeur prize.

Doomboy is out in stores (and libraries!) now, and it’s worth a read. It’s worth a read for anyone who has loved, who has lost, and who believes in something greater than what’s here. Take a look at some of the art for yourself.

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Doomboy_ENG-proof41 Doomboy_ENG-proof82

Writer & Artist: Tony Sandoval
Publisher: Magnetic Press
ISBN: 978-0-9913324-7-2
Diamond ID: JUL141319
Price: $24.99

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