Doodle Jump? Yes Doodle Jump, From Dynamite. ~ What'cha Reading?

Doodle Jump? Yes Doodle Jump, From Dynamite.


Doodle Jump? Yes Doodle Jump, From Dynamite.

Angry Birds (from IDW) came out last week, this week we get Doodlejump from Dynamite. I get it, if a property is hot might as well make a comic about it, right? Well let’s see about that.

From the preview pages we were sent it looked a little thin. The main character is lost, unsure of where he is or what he needs to do. He wanders around until he comes upon some penguins, who promptly try to (eat? kill? attack?) him. A chase ensues.

So okay, my kids play the game I’m familiar with it, it has no story I can discern, just jumping from platform to platform ever upwards. If you miss a platform you fall to your death. So how does this link up with the preview? Well I couldn’t see it, so I got the review copy and read it. I’m glad I did. It’s a straight ahead adventure story and all the pieces aren’t given at once. What pieces writer Meredith Gran (Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens) does give are a good picture of the Doodle’s personality, which is funny and acerbic, and an introduction to the strange universe he inhabits. The art, from Marvel and Image artist Steve Uy, is sketchy and cartoony, a really good comic representation of a very simple looking game. I’m sure when my eight-year-old and my three-year-old read this one they’d immediately grab their tablets and start playing the game again. Here check out the preview…

Layout 1 Layout 1

Layout 1 Layout 1

 It hits the stands on Wednesday June 18th, if you’ve got Doodle Jump kids you’ll probably want to pick this one up.

I give it a 3.5 out of 5 for a good opening story of a product-placement title.

Doodle Jump #1 (of 6)
Writer: Gran, Meredith
Artist: Uy, Steve
Cover Artist: Gran, Meredith
Price: $3.99
UPC: 72513021687801011
On Sale June 18, 2014
Publisher Dynamite
Diamond Id: APR141091

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