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The Doctor Puppet Christmas Special Needs Your Help! NYCC’14


Today is apparently my day for plugging cool projects I found out about during NYCC. While I was wandering the show floor on Saturday cosplaying the Twelfth Doctor, I came across some of the Doctor Puppet crew and a couple of the Doctors.

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You may have seen them on the Doctor Who World Tour special, but just in case you’re not familiar with Doctor Puppet, you’re in for a treat. It’s a stop-motion animation web series that takes us on further adventures with the Doctor, and yes, it’s just as awesome as it sounds. Here’s the first episode so you can see for yourself:

So far there are six episodes featuring the Eleventh Doctor embroiled in a mystery featuring his previous incarnations and the Master, as well as a couple of Christmas specials and some mini-eps featuring the Twelfth Doctor (you can catch them all over on the Doctor Puppet channel at YouTube). My favorite is the Happy Birthday message to Peter Capaldi, which features an animation of his own fan art, drawn back in the day when he was just a fanboy geeking out.

And yes, all of the puppets are just as awesome as the ones I ran into at NYCC. We are talking painstaking levels of detail on the expressions and the costumes to make them the Doctors we all know and love.

This fan-run venture based in my home borough of Brooklyn (good stuff comes out of this place, I’m telling you) and lest you think that making a three minute episode is easy, everything you see (props, puppets, backgrounds) are made by hand and then posed frame by frame. Ad to this the fact that their music is written especially for each episode and there’s a whole extra layer of work. There’s a reason we don’t see a lot of stop-motion animation, and that’s because it’s painstaking work if you want it to look and sound good.

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The Doctor Puppet crew, made up of nine writers, animators, prop and costume designers, musicians, set designers, and composers, is now attempting to crowdsource the budget for this year’s Christmas special, which will feature Twelve and Clara. They would really like to be able to hire live musicians to provide the score which speaks for the characters, as well as cover the supplies needed to make the film. They don’t want to make a profit, they just want to make something that all the Whovians out there will enjoy, and they’re asking for help to reach their $15,000 goal by October 29. If they surpass their budget, they’ll use it to replace some equipment and make future episodes, so win-win for all of us! You can find out more information about their campaign (including the backer’s perks they’re offering) over at Indiegogo.

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