Disney Fairies #12: “Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure” 6 page Preview!

Got daughter’s? If you do you’ve had some Tinkerbell in your life. She’s come a long way since the 1966 Disney animated film Peter Pan, she talks for one, and she’s got a plethora of fairy friends. It’s a good concept with a ton of messages about friendship, responsibility, helping others, you get the picture.

Well Papercutz is releasing a graphic novel adaptation of one of the recent Tinker Bell adventures.

DISNEY FAIRIES #12: “Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure”
Written by: Tea Orsi and Carlo Panaro
Art by: Marina Braggio and Manuela Razzi
ON SALE: August 13
FORMAT: 64PG / Paperback / Hardcover
SRP: $7.99 / $11.99
AGE: 6-11
ISBN: 9781597074285 / 9781597074292

I’ve seen the movie (on the Disney Channel) and it was fun and this adaptation is a nice addition to the growing Disney Fairies graphic novel series. We just happen to have some pages! Here, have a look!

Fairies 12_Page_1 Fairies 12_Page_2

Fairies 12_Page_3 Fairies 12_Page_4

Fairies 12_Page_5 Fairies 12_Page_6

Click on the link to go to the Papercutz site and pre-order yours, on sale August 13th. Or contact your local comics shop and give them the Diamond Order Code (JUN131215 / JUN131216).

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