Ever Heard of The Five-Dimensional Adventures of Dirk Davies? I hadn't! ~ What'cha Reading?

Ever Heard of The Five-Dimensional Adventures of Dirk Davies? I hadn’t!


The Five-Dimensional Adventures of Dirk Davies

A webcomic at shiftylook.com, written by Ben McCool (Pigs, Memoir) and drawn by Dean Haspiel (The Alcoholic). How have I missed this? The strip was posted on April 10th 2012. I must be slipping. Two of my favorite creators busting out a new strip every three or so days,the last one was post on the 22nd of this month, and I’ve had no clue?

What’s it about? Well in Dirk Davies own words he’s a “Detective, Private Dick, Gumshoe” “Heck, pay me enough cash and y’can call me whatever y’want”. Well he’s getting paid so he’s on the case, chasing a time-traveling dimension-hopping killer. These strips look great and the story is well paced and well written. It’s definitely worth a look.


As an added bonus, co-creator Dean Haspiel pens a blog about the strip. Anecdotes, inspirations and other musings tie in nicely with the strips. I wish the site was a little better set up though, I only found the blog by google-ing the name of the comic.


The site is owned by Namco Bandi Games Incorporated but this strip is owned by Cryptozoic Entertainment LLC. So what the plan is for this charator is anyone’s guess. Stick around What’cha Reading, I’ll be trying to get more info as soon as possible. Till then enjoy this sci-fi romp, looks like a lot of fun, hope it has a long run.

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