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Dimension – A Cool Puzzle Game for the Cerebral Set


Dimension – A Cool Puzzle Game for the Cerebral Set

GameClosetI have two small children so games are pretty much a constant thing around here. Board games, video games, puzzles, you name it they want to play it. But my 9 yr old was getting a little tired of paying games her younger brother could keep up with but games like Scrabble, while fun, are a little long for her attention span.

Enter “Dimension” a puzzle game that uses 15 colored spheres and rule cards to create a seriously competitive game that had my daughter thinking, figuring, calling each other out, and congratulating each other till my eyes got bleary.

Dimension - A Cool Puzzle Game for the Cerebral Set

To play, each player gets a tray and 15 spheres (5 spheres of 3 different colors) the object is to position the spheres on the trays to earn as many points as possible. Task cards are used to determine how the spheres must be placed to earn points.

Sounds simple, but in actuality it’s a true test of logic and reasoning. All players (from 1 to 4) play at the same time. Six task cards are layed face up on the table where all players can see them, the timer is flipped over, and the game is on!

The cards can be quite complicated, for example; card number one might say exactly green and black must touch each other, card two – blue and green must touch each other, card three – orange and blue must touch each other, card four – there must be more green than orange, card five – there must be white than green, card six black must not touch white. Complete all those directions against the timer. Each player gets a point for every sphere they use and a bonus token for using all five colors, but loses two points for every card not followed.

The game is supposed to run six rounds but I think my daughter and I played eight, she didn’t want to stop. It really is addicting trying to think in three dimensions while on a clock. A normal six round game takes approximately 30 minutes.

We really enjoyed this one and would highly recommend you checking it out…

Dimension is for 1-4 players, Ages 8+ and the MSRP is 49.95. Find it at www.thamesandkosmos.com or amazon.com

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