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Dig This: Groovy Animated Wonder Woman on DC Nation



Our esteemed editor sent a link around to the staff here at whatchareading containing an animated Wonder Woman short, asking us what we think of it. I amazingly had 4G service on my phone at the time, and had a few minutes to kill so I watched it.

Mind Blown!

It was awesome, having a Tarantino like 70’s mocksploitation cinematography, an innovative art style that looks like a cross between Aeon Flux’s Peter Chung and Ted McKeever, and what looks to be a ’69 Camaro that would make Evil Knievel cream in his pants (and yes it turns invisible!):

 wonder_woman_animated_car  wwlicense plate


I really only had one complaint, it was too damn short! I want more! Why were the Amazons all modern-military-like? Where did Giganta come from? Why was she after Steve Trevor? Where did Wonder Woman get that surfboard? Arrgggh!

wwface wwdrivin

Quick as it was, it was jam-packed with cool scenes: Giganta’s impromptu use of a pair of jeeps as roller skates, Steve trying to work the Camaro’s controls, and b-slap at the end that is spectacular!


Watch this! Make your family watch it, make your friends watch it.

Or I’ll tell Wonder Woman!



Episode 1 (Full)


Episode 2 (Full)


Episode 3 (Full)

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