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Diamond Select Toys Walk-Through with Zach Oat!


Toy Fair is one of my favorite shows to attend and Diamond Select Toys was one of the booths I couldn’t wait to check out.  This past Sunday I was invited to see what Diamond Select Toys (DST) has in store for fans, courtesy of DST’s marketing supervisor, Zach Oat.  Amid a very busy few days, getting to the Diamond Select Toys booth was a sincere highlight of the four day trade show.  With products ranging from The CW’s iZombie to 20th Century Fox’s Aliens, DST certainly has something for the fan in all of us – be it for those that love their comic book based properties to those that embrace everything fun about pop-culture.

“We’ve released this Liv Moore action figure already, but we are doing a “Full On Zombie Mode” version.  They call it “Power Up” here.  It’s actually not here, but that will be out very soon.  I think we’ve seen a slow building of interest in our iZombie figure so I think if the sales of the second one continue to be as good as the sales of the first one have gone, then it’s entirely possible that we’ll do more characters.  Blaine; I can’t say that Major or her co-worker played by Rahul Kohli, Ravi, are going to be as likely, but certainly another zombie character would not be out of the question even though he’s [Blaine] not really a zombie anymore.  If everyone just turned into a zombie, then we’d have a great line going on. [laughs] But civilian characters are tough, even with a popular show like Gotham.  They’re a tough sell.  Liv, at least, is pasty.  You have that going for it.”

“This is our worldwide debut of our mini-mate two-pack.  It comes with Liv and Blaine.  That will be coming out later this year.

“For X-Files, we just released our first two mini-mates 4 inch vinyl figures.  They have poseable heads, but otherwise are static.  We’re doing 2016 versions as well – a 2016 mini-mates two-pack and a four-pack of classic style mini-mates.”


“These are the action figures.  We recently went back an re-painted the heads for Mulder and Scully to make them look a little bit more realistic.  They’re going to come with a bunch of accessories, and ones going to come with a diorama base, the wooden floor and backdrop.  That’s not the final backdrop, obviously.  One’s going to come with a desk to re-create The X-Files office.”

“These are series four and five of  mini-mates based on the animated series so they’re all based on the current season where they are all in space, although there are some characters as they appeared earlier in the show – Baxter Stockman, Oroku Saki, Hamato Yoshi… a lot of space suits though.  There’s a resurgence in product, there’s a lot of Turtles in the market right now so we found ourselves having to compete for a lot more of the attention that we want, but they’ve been doing pretty good so far.”

“Bruce [Wayne] was somebody we had the rights to because he was already a regular.  It was just a question of how quickly we wanted to make him because he is a smaller figure which is sometimes an impediment to those wanting to spend money on a figure if they feel they’re not getting that value.  As a kid, he’s certainly grown up a lot on the show and we didn’t want to have a figure that’s not going to look very much like him in a year.  But also there’s a matter of if they’re a regular or if they’re a special guest star because then they don’t necessarily have the likeness rights available to us.  I believe Mr. Zsasz was not available to us, but now he is.  These have never been seen before.”

“This is not the final bookcase.  It’ll probably be taller and narrower.  The [Arkham Asylum] gate will come in pieces and you could assemble it.  Mr. Zsasz will come with an alleyway base and possibly an additional element to the diorama base, but we’re still working that out.”

“The second mini-mate box set with Alfred, Penguin, and Selina will be out very soon, by next month.”

“If the series three does well, I’m sure we’ll move onto a series four.  We don’t have it currently planned out; we just finished these mini-mates.  We’ll see how orders come in for series three, we just sent it to PREVIEWS this month.  Pre-orders will open soon and they’ll close within a month.  If the sales are there, we’ll keep coming up with new sets.”

“I like Barbara and that we’re doing two Barbara’s.  I like Zsasz and I hope we get to do a little mini-mate of Zsasz, but I also really like the costume for Firefly so I’d love to see Firefly.  I haven’t seen much of Freeze yet and I don’t think we’ve seen any clear shots of him, but I’m very excited about Freeze.”


“I watched Batman: The Animated Series every day, myself, when I was younger and I’m amazed every time I see a new piece come out.  This is the first time I’ve really spent any serious time with Man-Bat.  It’s an amazing piece.  Phantasm was one of the first pieces we completed and now it’s finally being offered and it’s probably going to come out very quickly because we’ve been developing these pretty consistently.  I love the look of that Scarecrow, the character and also that piece.  It’s a great pose.”

IMG_1043 IMG_1042 IMG_1041

“We have 9 inch scale PVC figures.  The women are Femme Fatales and the men will be under a wider brand called Gallery, which will be for all 9 inch PVC figures.”

“Superman hasn’t been solicited so he’s a little ways off, but Hawkgirl we’ll be next.”

“These are more of those Gallery PVC statues.  Deadpool’s a little over-sized.  Captain Marvel and Lady Thor will be next.  We’re also doing a movie version of Ant-Man.”

IMG_1068 IMG_1069 IMG_1071

One of the major aspects that can sometimes be overlooked when dealing with a PVC figure, statue, or bust is the team that worked on it.  The sculptors are such an essential part of the process and many times their names go unmentioned or simply unspoken.  Diamond Select Toys have a great respect for the team they worked with and Zach Oat did go on to specify that DST’s Femme Fatales and Gallery line do feature different sculptors.  “Sam Greenwell, Alejandro Pereira…  Sam Greenwell did Lady Thor.  Captain Marvel, Lady Deadpool are Alejandro Pereira and Deadpool is Jean St. Jean.  The Civil War figures are by Gentle Giant.”


“We’re also doing Giant Size X-Men, Netflix’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones.  We’re doing the first Man-Thing mini-mate.”

“The APC holds five mini-mates figures.  We will be doing Ghostbusters for mini-mates and vehicles are on our license, but I’m not sure when we’ll be getting to those.”


Diamond Select Toys have a great lineup for the coming year and they were an exceptional highlight during the four day trade show.  There are so many exciting pieces that are coming out, some of which we previously saw to many that are new.  As a fan and collector, I personally cannot wait to pick up the Gallery PVC statue of Superman from The Animated Series and the continuation of Aliens mini-mates is always fun.  Especially when we get a mini-mate of Ellen Ripley with Jones the cat.

Stay tuned for more on Diamond Select Toys as products are continually solicited and be sure to check them out at http://www.diamondselecttoys.com/

Also, if you’re a fan of Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and Bruce Willis, there may or may not be a stellar Butch action figure on the way!

*Steven Biscotti and What’cha Reading would like to thank Zach Oat of Diamond Select Toys for spending some time during Toy Fair 2016 to walk through the upcoming products.



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