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The Devil Is Due In Dreary (#2) January 9th!


I’m sure you remember this book. I posted a 5 page preview in October. Missed it? Click on the image below to go to the preview, we’ll wait…..


Back? Okay then. Yes I know, it really is that good. Issue 2 starts getting into the heads of the characters. Not just Tino and Jack but several of the townsfolk as well. Is Dreary cursed or are its inhabitants just nuts? Isn’t anyone in this town going to stand up and help these boys? Startling revelations about Dreary, its history and what Jack and Tino maybe hiding all come out in this issue.

For those of you new to Dreary and its story let me clue you in with a bit from my review of the kickstarter that started it all. “Something has brought the Devil to Dreary and there’s a prophecy that says the whole town is going to pay for it. Only the town’s Pastor seems to know the ins and outs of the prophecy. The townspeople react in every possible way to his constant warning to the town that hell is coming. Some seem genuinely scared sh@#less yet some are completely unfazed by his warnings. That is until two strangers (Jack and Tino) drive into town and become unwitting pawns in the prophecy that predicts Armageddon for the town of Dreary and everyone in it.”

Here’s the official blurb: “The Devil is Due in Dreary is a rockabilly take on the western where classic cars, pompadours, and rock-n-role meet the folklore of the American southwest. Two strangers with a questionable past arrive in the reclusive town of Dreary where they unknowingly fulfill a prophecy that the town believes will precede the coming of the apocalypse.”

The art is top-notch, the writing pushes the story forward smoothly, and together they set a captivating pace. It’s one part western, one part supernatural, and equal parts action and drama. That’s a whole lot of parts, all of them good reading.

The truly great part is that it comes out January 9th! Yup this Wednesday. I know, but I didn’t pre-order it at my LCS! You didn’t? Shame on you. Well go to your local shop and ask for it anyway! You never know, maybe the wonderful comic professionals there have already ordered a bunch? If that doesn’t work go here Ardden Store, they have print copies available of issue #1 and I’m hoping issue #2 after release. Luckily I have it added to my pull-list at and since Royal Collectibles (9601 Metropolitan Avenue, Forest Hills, NY 11375 or royalcomicsnyc) uses customer’s comixology pull-lists I’m sure to have it on Wednesday!

But wait! There’s more to this story than just min series. The Devil is Due in Dreary is based on a screenplay (of the same name) by the comics author David Parkin. The movie is set to begin filming in the fall of 2013 and is being produced by Daryl Freimark.

Freimark, who brought the project to Ardden, is a former New Line Cinema executive where he was a co-producer on “Hairspray.”  Freimark produced the feature film “Allegiance” starring Seth Gabel (Fringe) and Bow Wow (currently in theaters and on-demand) as well as recently produced “Some Velvet Morning” by Neil LaBute and starring Stanley Tucci.

All four issues were funded through two hugely successful Kickstarter campaigns, follow the links and you can see more of the artwork:

Kickstarter for Issue #1

Kickstarter for Issues 2-4

Also check out the Facebook page The Devil is Due in Dreary


Writer: David Parkin
Cover Artist: Alex Sanchez
Penciller: Allan Jefferson
Inker: Jonas Trindale
Colorist: Diego Tapié
Full Color, 28 Pages
Price: $3.99

Diamond Code: SEP120815

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