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Des Taylor’s Lois and Clark – The Best Superman Comic!


A day before the close of 2014, illustrator Des Taylor released his New Year’s 2015 card on his comic art blog, Despop Art & Comics.  For those that have followed his work and latest projects, you’d know that he has teased a holiday themed Superman project.  What remained undisclosed was what exactly the nature of the project would be.  Needless to say I was intrigued.  After becoming a fan of Taylor’s work a year ago it is my sincere pleasure to introduce to you Des Taylor’s first issue of “Lois and Clark.”

Des Taylor's Lois and Clark - The Best Superman Comic!

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The all new first issue of “Lois and Clark” is more than just a holiday card.  It’s a promise.  A promise from one of the hardest working and most talented of artists of the great things in store for fans in 2015!  The first issue is a nine page story set during Christmas time.  Lois Lane and Clark Kent are out shopping when a construction mishap demands Clark to quickly find reason to disappear and become… SUPERMAN!  The story entitled “The Super Gift” feels like the best issue of the no longer published, digital first, print second, series of Adventures of Superman.  Des Taylor, having written his own comics such as “Scarlett Couture”, “Vesha Valentine”, and “The Trouble with Katie Rogers” (which I reviewed in October) is perfectly at home with the DC Comics super stars.  “Lois and Clark” is a wonderfully cute story that’s not just a fun holiday short, but possibly the best Superman comic NOT published by DC Comics.  It’s the work of a truly gifted writer and illustrator that fully understands the appeal of two of the most iconic characters in pop culture.  “Lois and Clark” captures the magic of Superman that has not been felt since Christopher Reeve and Richard Donner’s original take.

Des Taylor’s first issue of “Lois and Clark” is available to read on his site and its FREE!  I highly recommend reading it and hope that it’s read, shared, and talked about.  It’s the kind of story that despite how you may feel about the Man of Steel, is worth reading on the merit of how great the story and art is alone.  Looking towards all that 2015 may bring, it is my deepest wish that those at DC Comics take notice of Des Taylor’s Superman.  Why?  Because for anyone that has read anything, it’s immediately obvious that this is everything Superman should be and what DC Comics should be publishing!

“Lois and Clark” gets FIVE out of FIVE stars!  Read it at Despop Comic Art Blog.

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