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The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage – Creepy Good Reading


Valiant’s got two promising titles for their new Valiant First line. The Delinquents has got to be an all-out home run, with two known and beloved teams (Archer & Armstrong, Quantum & Woody), but Doctor Mirage promises something entirely different – a paranormal, creepy thrill ride.

The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage - Creepy Good Reading

Shan Fong is Doctor Mirage, a woman who can talk to the dead. She was a paranormal investigator, but seems to have lost her taste for it; possibly for reasons involving her now-dead husband, Hwen. Who also happens to be the one dead soul that she can’t communicate with.

Doctor Mirage is hired by an occultist with a military past for a job that she initially balks at – until her husband’s name comes up. Now, Shan Fong is going into the underworld, on a job that involves Nazis, occultism, and a dubious employer.

The book really intrigued me. There’s a good story setup, both for Shan Fong’s backstory and the actual plot itself. I thought I was going to be tired of the “burned out, hard-boiled detective with a past,” but this paranormal spin gives it a tweak and makes it interesting. I’m with you, Jen Van Meter – let’s see where this story goes. Four out of five astral plane walks.

Doctor Mirage goes on sale September 3rd – make sure to ask your comic book store to stock it.

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Writer: Jen Van Meter
Artist: Robert de la Torre
Publisher: Valiant
Price: $3.99
On-Sale: September 3, 2014
Diamond ID: JUL141476

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