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Deadstar Divas – Laugh Out Loud Cheesey Fun!



Deadstar Divas are part of the Mini Comics Included line that was funded on Kickstarter a few months back. The idea was to create toys in conjunction with comics that told the stories of the characters.

The Deadstar Divas are the a bio-ball team who are the best in the sport. They play hard and always play to win. They end up stranded on a strange planet with only their living balls as weapons due to an attempt at sabotage by a competitor. The girls seem to take it all in stride as they fight to save one of their own on the strange planet and find a familiar face when the battle begins.

Deadstar Divas is drawn in a cartoon style and is supposed to feel like comics from the 80s. It is also cheesy as hell with character names like, Lillith Eve, Violet Moodswings, Crima Passion and Kikina Balls. You also have to deal with lines like, “”We’ve only got an hour or two before we have to go to Phobos. Who wants to cuddle?”

I definitely laughed out loud at some of the jokes, although initially I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be as funny as it was. After awhile I realized there was no way the creators weren’t in on the joke. After researching a bit I see what they were after. The comics that came with toys were not deep or well plotted. What they were was fun and that’s what they’re going for here.



I wasn’t overly impressed with the toyline for Deadstar Divas but it’s just not my thing. (Check it out here) I imagine they would appeal to many people. Overall I think it’s an interesting and fun venture and I wish them great luck with it. I’m definitely curious to check out some of the other toy/comic lines they created.



Drop by Fifth World Studios to buy the Mini Comics Included pack, you can still get all six comics–Prime-8s, Omega Family, Dead Star Divas, Colt Noble, Literary Commandos, and Superbeasts–from creators Tim Seeley, Steve Seeley, Michael Moreci, and more! And, hey, they all come signed for $10! Six comics for $10! – Chuck (the editor monkey)


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