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Deadpool #1… Now, with Dead Presidential Goodness.


I’m finally returning to comics after a far too-long hiatus, brought about mostly by parenthood. I’ve been reading the odd single title here and there over the years and taking my kids to Comic Con, which made me miss my superhero books more and more. Recently, I decided that it was time to return to the books I loved; Marvel and DC have both made my life a little easier by relaunching their big titles, so I don’t need to stress missing about 10 years of continuity.

One Marvel character that I’ve always loved was Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth, so getting Marvel Now’s Deadpool #1 was at the top of my wish list when I walked into the comic book store last week. And I was not disappointed – Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn are writing him now, and they’ve got his voice down. He’s going after zombie presidents this time – zombies AND Deadpool? I came back to comics at exactly the right time! – at the behest of S.H.I.E.L.D., and he’s doing it with the finesse and wisecracks we’ve come to expect. Tony Moore is handling the art on the title, and again, it’s all good here. He’s got ‘Pool down pat, and his undead Presidents gloriously rotten. No, seriously – they’re decaying. There’s gratuitous violence galore, so make sure the wee kiddies know that this is Mom’s or Dad’s superhero book, and buy them an issue of Superhero Squad and call it a day. Do yourself a favor, and give Deadpool a look.

Check out some pages from issue #1 (click to enlarge)

And if that didn’t whet your appetite, here’s a page from issue #2 on sale November 21st!

Go out and get:

Deadpool #2
Written by: Gerry Duggan
Art by: Tony Moore
On Sale: November 21, 2012
Publisher: Marvel
Diamond Id: SEP120604

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