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Deadhorse Vol 1 “Dead Birds” trade on Sale Now!


That’s right, the first full arc “Dead Birds” has been collected in a 184 page trade, that’s the first 6 issues plus pin-ups and more.


Deadhorse is, to quote their site, “the story of William Pike, a reclusive shut in who comes into possession of a powerful key and becomes the target of an evil industrialist. When Pike learns the key may help solve the mystery behind his father’s death, he embarks on a journey into the farthest reaches of Alaska while being pursued by an array of bizarre bounty hunters.”

And that blurb does encapsulate the story pretty well, what it doesn’t say is that this book is witty, intelligent, funny, and interesting. Each issue drags you deeper into Pike’s life as well as the lives of the people who find themselves inexorably drawn along on his quest. I have to admit that while reading I really never felt that I’d want to be Pike, but I definitely would want to take this journey with him.

Deadhorsepg1Enough about Grissom’s writing, on to the art! Phil Sloan has a unique style, one that I love. Cartoony but with a classic film noir-ish air (yup a few of those aren’t actually words but they describe it perfectly none-the-less) and a muted color palette that really enhances the mystery, Sloan and Halvorson (colorist) seem to have found a tight interesting style that I dare you not to love.

You know I can’t resist posting pages so here take a look at these, from Chapter 2 “Everything Is Going To Be Fine.”

Deadhorse0209_trim Deadhorse0210_trim Deadhorse0211_trim

Deadhorse0212_trim Deadhorse0213_web Deadhorse0214_trim

So let’s see, mystery? Check. Strange settings and stranger characters? Check. Well written with subtle (and not so subtle) humor? Check! I enjoyed each issue of the first six and now there’s a trade with some gorgeous pin ups and other extras? 5 out of 5 people, buy this, read it, put it on your shelf to lend to friends who’d like something different, something interesting, something fun. Isn’t that everything a good comic should be?

How do you get your copy? I’m glad you asked. My favorite method is to go to the source. Right now at Deadhorse’s site you can get the trade (which can be signed upon request) plus a pdf version for the list price! Deadhorse webstore

The trade is also for sale on, Barnes and Noble .com, Kindle, Nook, and iBook versions are also available.

It can also be found in your local comic shop, I have it on good authority that my local (Royal Collectibles, Forest Hills NY) has an order pending. Your shop didn’t order any? Here’s the ISBN number is 978-0-9889516-0-0. Or tell them to order directly through Eric Grissom (check for contact info)

Can you tell I want you to pick up this book? It’s a perfect example of the great stuff independents can offer. This book looks and reads like it came from one of the big guys, go get it. Support Indie Comics!

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