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Deadhorse & The Wendell Are Kickstarter Projects to Watch!


Hey independent comic fans! Looking for somewhere to sink some of your well-earned superbowl winnings? Check out The Wendell & Deadhorse kickstarter campaigns.

The Wendell Cartoon Special! is, according to the kickstarter, a “crazy Saturday Morning Cartoon Adventure via your favorite dysfunctional crimefighter.” The original story was just shy of insane, with over the top action and a plot that seems to teeter right on the edge of reality and madness. That being said I can’t wait to see what creator Cee Raymond has in store for us in a story he says is “chocked with all kindsa sugary Saturday Morning Cartoon awesomeness as filtered through the weird MIND of THE WENDELL! IN FULL WENDELLVISION COLOR!

The kickstarter has a 7 page preview that throws you right into the action and shows just how off the wall this book is going to be!

Get to kickstarter and support The Wendell Cartoon Special!


I’ve been a fan of Deadhorse for years, written by Eric Grissom (Gregory Suicide – Dark Horse Comics) and drawn by Phil Sloane (IDW’s War Of The Undead) with colors from Marissa Louise and David Halvorson, Deadhorse is an ongoing mystery with echoes of Lost, Twin Peaks, even The Fugitive. Very few independent comics come close to achieving what this book has in style, story, and production value. I’ve written about the series many times (many, many times) but I think the blurb from creator Eric Grissom describes it best:

The story revolves around a reclusive man named William Pike who comes into possession of a strange key and finds himself the target of an evil industrialist. When William learns the key may solve the mystery behind his father’s death, he embarks on a journey into the farthest reaches of Alaska in search of the truth. It’s a strange little tale that is part comedy, part adventure, part mystery.

The “DEADHORSE – THIS ISn’t HAPPENING.” kickstarter has reasonably priced tiers that include all the previous DEADHORSE books, digitally and in print, as well as several other projects Grissom has written. It’s a campaign that’s worth a look.


I’ve always been a fan of comics that subvert the mainstream, ignore conventions, and tell great stories. If you back either of the books listed above you’ll get all that and more.


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