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Deadhorse Returns! Get Issue 1 Now!


So we previewed Deadhorse Book 2 Issue #1 in December with much fanfare and now finally Deadhorse returns! Get issue 1 now! See below for the details. But first? A quick review.

Deadhorse Returns! Get Issue 1 Now!

After the harrowing events that have dragged William Pike, and his companions, on his cross-country quest to put the key his father sent him (posthumously) with the box it opens he begins to finally close in on his prize. But the secret organization known as the Two-Headed Dog is sending everything they can find to stop him. Bigfoot couldn’t stop him, maybe this new killer will.

If you haven’t read Deadhorse vol. 1 you may think this book won’t work for you. I disagree, Eric Grissom has penned a story that plays out like some of our best episodic drama. While I think anyone would thoroughly enjoy reading Deadhorse vol. 1 Dead Birds (buy it here), it is in no way necessary to enjoy the story. Want to buy the new issue? (of course you do!) Here are the details!

ComiXology: (pdf):

Select Retailers: (including a What’cha Reading favorite Royal Collectibles!)
Direct from Deadhorse HQ:

and hey while we’re at it, here’s some pages from the new issue:

deadhorse.02.01.01_trim deadhorse.02.01.02_trim deadhorse.02.01.03_trim

deadhorse.02.01.04_trim deadhorse.02.01.05_trim deadhorse.02.01.06_trim

Said it before, 5 out of 5. Go buy this book.

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