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Deadhorse Book Two Coming in March! Book One Give-Away Right Now!



Remember that book we raved about? The first six issues of Deadhorse presented us with a web of stories, different characters from the past and the present all seeming to converge on one place, one goal.

It was a journey filled with assassins, bus trips, weird cult imagery, and clues to an even greater mystery with answers (hopefully) somewhere out on the horizon…

Now our hero, William Pike, is on the verge of discovering even more about his quest, you coming along for the ride?

Book two launches in March. Pre-order it now!

But if you haven’t read book one I hope that the paragraphs above make you think, hmm maybe I should check that trade out.

So here’s what we’re going to do. A contest! We have a copy of Book One to give away to one lucky person.

Don’t want to wait and see if you win? Click on over to amazon and buy it for yourself!

One more thing, here’s the cover for the next issue! I’ll be posting a preview in just a couple of days, stay tuned!

deadhorse.02.01.00_trimI can’t wait!

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