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Deadhorse Book 2 Issue 1 Preview!!!! And A Contest Update!


Ladies and Gentleman! Boys and Girls! May I present… The first eight pages of the new Deadhorse book from Eric Grissom and Phil Sloan!!

*Keep reading after the preview for a really cool add-on to our Deadhorse trade give-away!

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This book has so many great things going for it, not the least of which is Grissom’s ability to suck you right into the plot. His writing style reminds me of some of my favorite television, quick tight scenes with just enough exposition to keep you in the story while the emotion of the scene carries you through. Conspiracy thrillers aren’t easy to write, a writer can easily start to muddy the plot with the unnecessary or the misleading (see: LOST) but Grissom doesn’t fall victim to that. The plot, while complex, is engaging and keeps moving forward.

Sloan is back on the art and it still works wonderfully. It isn’t hyper-realistic or cartoony but his style fits the story and mood perfectly.

Deadhorse: Ballad of the Two Headed Dog #1 gets a 5 out of 5.

Buy this book.

Hey, didn’t I mention something about the contest? If you saw our previous post about the new book you know we’re giving away a copy of the first trade to one lucky winner. Well Eric Grissom dropped us a line yesterday and offered to upgrade that give-away, with a digital copy of the new comic! That’s right, if you win you get the trade and a digital download of the new book “Deadhorse: Ballad of the Two Headed Dog #1” emailed right to your inbox!

Here’s the entry form!

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