Review Deadhorse #2 - Available on ComiXology 10/22 ~ What'cha Reading?

Review Deadhorse #2 – Available on ComiXology 10/22


Review Deadhorse #2 - Available on ComiXology 10/22

In my review of Deadhorse vol 1 #1 back in April of 2012 I said,

“…It’s a mystery, no its several mysteries. It’s a mystery layered in mysteries. And in the tradition of some of the great mysteries the story opens midstream and you just have to jump in and keep up.”

That was an apt description, and a whole volume later Eric Grissom (Planet Gigantic – Action Lab) has kept the mystery going and kept me intrigued by it issue after issue. In volume 2 #1 we caught up with William Pike, the man in the middle of it all, on the run toward Deadhorse Alaska in search of answers but what he stumbles upon is a secret organization (The 2 Headed Dog), and “The Big Bad” Charles Gadsworth has contracted an amazing hired killer, this one just might get Pike before he gets the answers he seeks. If you haven’t read volume 2 issue #1 go here and get it, it’s worth the $1.99. I’ll wait… … … Ok, all caught up? Brilliant. Moving on.


ballad2-panel2It is so hard to review this book without spoiling it! There’s just so much happening on every page! We get some well deserved back story on Gadsworth, Pike moves closer to his answers (and even gets a really cool explanation of a major plot point) though at the same time he loses some important friends (maybe). We see more of what our “friends” who think they’re in charge of the whole shooting match are doing, and we catch a glimpse of what can happen when you hire a killer but aren’t around anymore to control them. No details! No. Go read it!

ballad2-panel6So let’s talk about the art. Sloan is still the artist on the book and he’s as solid as ever, his style lends itself so well to the dramatic and the suspenseful it’s really a joy to read. This is the first issue for colorist Marissa Louise (BOOM! Studios Robocop, Headspace from Monkeybrain Comics) and she is awesome. Between Sloan’s sense of angle and perspective and Louise’ palette this book just pulls you in, this book should be more than the critical success it is, it should be a best seller.

ballad2-panel7If you love comics with mystery, humor, and suspense, if you love comics with eye-catching evocative art, Deadhorse is a must. Put it on your pull list. 5 out of 5

Deadhorse: Ballad of the Two Headed Dog #2
Written by Eric Grissom
Drawn by Phil Sloan
Colors by: Marissa Louise
SRP: $1.99

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