Deadhorse #1 and #2 on Comixology! Go get them! ~ What'cha Reading?

Deadhorse #1 and #2 on Comixology! Go get them!


We plug the books we love. Sometimes shamelessly. This? It’s one of those times.

I’ve been talking about this book for a long time, and to its credit everyone I turn on to it agrees that it’s a great series!

DH1-00cvrDeadhorse #1
Written by Eric Grissom
Drawn by Phil Sloan
SRP: $0.99

A reclusive man receives a strange key from his deceased father and wants answers. His neighbors want lunch.

From my original review of Deadhorse #1

…It’s a mystery, no its several mysteries. It’s a mystery layered in mysteries. And in the tradition of some of the great mysteries the story opens midstream and you just have to jump in and keep up.

read the rest of that review here.

Oh and here are a few pages from that issue:

DH1-00 DH1-01

DH1-02 DH1-03

So that’s got you thinking doesn’t it… Weird series, strange story line…. Want some more? Buy it here!

This coming Wednesday we have issue #2’s release…

DH2-00cvr DH2-00

Deadhorse #2
Written by Eric Grissom
Drawn by Phil Sloan
SRP: $1.99

A teenage girl runs away from home. Meanwhile, the Gadsworth Company enlists the help of a mythical bounty hunter in their pursuit of the key.

This issue brings us along on Pike’s journey to Alaska, by bus? After escaping his psychotic neighbors and making his way to the depot his path is inexorably drawn toward several characters key in the solving of this mystery.

Here are some pages from issue #2;

DH2-01 DH2-02 DH2-03

Deadhorse #1 & #2
Written by Eric Grissom
Art by Phil Sloan
Lettered by Eric Grissom
Cover by Phil Sloan
Colored by David Halvorson

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