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Dead Squad – Darby Pop joins Special Ops and the Undead?


Well maybe not the undead. The mostly dead? The reanimated dead? No matter, all will be revealed!

Dead Squad - Darby Pop joins Special Ops and the Undead?Here’s the quick synopsis from Darby Pop:

Three highly-trained Delta Force Operators embark on a high-stakes mission to obtain a mysterious serum. But when they are betrayed by one of their own, securing the drug immediately becomes a matter of life, death, and their own resurrection.

Didn’t really sound like my thing, I’m the guy who gave up on gaming when “Call of Duty” became the defacto shooter style. I never got into the whole Delta Force thing but when I opened this book, mostly to reassure myself that it wasn’t “my thing” I found myself reading it through in one sitting, without looking up.

You jump right in mid-mission, riding along with these three soldiers as they prepare for the retrieval of a “serum”. In true spec-ops form they have very little idea of what it is they’re going after or who they’re going to take it from but they respect the “chain of command” and carry out the mission.

It’s only when the mission is complete and they realize everything isn’t what it seems that we get a taste of where this story is really going. I wish this had been a double issue because the ending really left me asking a ton of questions about the direction and theme of the series. Darby Pop has made a sort of preview & interview available for us to share with you. Check it out below and see if this is a title you’ll pick up on October 15th…

Dead_Squad_Preview_Page_2 Dead_Squad_Preview_Page_3

Dead_Squad_Preview_Page_4 Dead_Squad_Preview_Page_5

The art is slick, the writing is tight, and the plot looks like it has legs. I’ll be following the Dead Squad on a few adventures, how about you?

Diamond Order Code: AUG14 0518
Matthew Federman (W) • Stephen Scaia (W) • Michael Montenant (A) • Steve Firchow (CA) • Howard Chaykin (CA)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • In Shops: 10/08/2014

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