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Dead Ringer – a Noir Mystery Ghost Story… Yup another kickstarter project that sucked me in…


Kickstarter is going to kill me.

Or at least bankrupt me. I enjoy comixology’s new submit release program (as you’ve seen from many a review here on the site) but kickstarter seems to take the bulk of my (meager) discretionary income. I can’t tell you how I find the projects I back because it varies widely, some through twitter, some come as requests for review, some from friends who are backing projects. Believe me I see a ton of projects. I think the reason I get sucked in so often is that unlike Previews magazine or the Comixology previews we get these campaigns really give you a taste of what the book will be. The one image with a blurb of most press releases just can’t cut through the noise as well.

Onto the reason for this article, Dead Ringer. Here’s what caught my eye…

20ba5cd99617f23a02906897890e3353_largeBrian Augustyn (writer for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Wildstorm, and many others) has written what looks to be a story that hits the sweet spot. Hard-boiled noir mixed with the supernatural and mystery added,  for good measure. Here’s the blurb from the kickstarter…


Dead Ringer is a hard-boiled mystery/ghost story staring Kate Bailey, an army veteran and former JAG investigator, recently returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. She comes home to Chicago, where she struggles to fit back into civilian society. Plagued by nightmares of her time in Afghanistan, Kate sleeps fitfully as a rule. She is completely blown out of her bed one night, however, by a terrifying dream—of her own brutal murder at the hands of a monstrous psychopath!

Ok so it’s got all the elements I love in a story but comics ain’t just story sunshine! Well seems Mr Augustyn has that covered as well. Again from the kickstarter page:

Derrick West was hand-picked by Brian to develop and create the art for Dead Ringer. A relative newcomer to the business, he has, nonetheless, been drawing and growing for years. A tremendously talented artist, Derrick’s drawing skills and storytelling are versatile and dramatic. Dead Ringer is a perfect vehicle for his talent, and the atmosphere, emotion and action of the dark tale are excellently portrayed to set the stage for the mystery and horror that follows.

Here’s some examples of the work he’s got in store for us…

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 So why not just post a link and say “Hey go check this out!”, because when I see a project I I really want to spread the word about I think it’s important to highlight it. I hope you take a second after reading this to drop by the project and consider tossing a buck or two into the pot. And if by some strange turn of events I get a chance to read the whole comic you can be sure I’ll do my best to get a review up!

Dead Ringer on Kickstarter

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