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Dead Letters #4 – The First Chapter Closes


Dead Letters #4 - The First Chapter ClosesI’ve been a big fan of Dead Letters from the very first issue. It’s fantastic storytelling, gritty art and the way the layers of the story peeled back slowly, taking you to the climax, made me fall in love at first read. The passion ebbed a bit as the story went on. Not because of a drop in quality, simply because it’s impossible to be that blown away every time. They set the bar high and it was time to temper my expectations to a bit more realistic level. I’m happy to say now that the initial arc has finished I am just as much of a fan as when I started.

Over the last three issues, Sam has been setting himself up as the middle between all the sides at war. He keeps digging and finding more things to complicate his situation as well as making it nearly impossible to resolve. His memories now, mostly, restored to him, Sam finally finds the object of his search. As usual in Here, there is so much more to to be found. There is a measure of resolution and a new boss in town. Turns out Sam’s job isn’t done just yet but there may be a reward should he ever finish it.

DeadLetters_04_coverBI was a little unsure in the middle of the arc as to where the story was going but the writing kept me engaged because I had faith it had a destination and indeed it did. Not every issue is the first issue but that’s ok. By the end of the arc Dead Letters has found its own pace and it’s direction. I’m still in love with Sam and I’m curious to see what other troubles he will get himself into as the official gumshoe of Purgatory. If there are eight million stories in the naked city, how much more must there be in Here.

I’m giving this issue a 5 out of 5 stars for a solid wrap up with enough threads to keep going forward. Overall for the first arc in the series I’m giving Dead Letters a 4 out of 5 stars.

Here’s a sneak peek at some pages from issue #4:

DeadLetters_04_PRESS-4 DeadLetters_04_PRESS-5 DeadLetters_04_PRESS-6

DeadLetters_04_PRESS-7 DeadLetters_04_PRESS-8

Dead Letters #4
Writer: Sebela, Christopher
Artist: Visions, Chris
Cover Artist: Visions, Chris
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
On Sale: July 30, 2014
Price: $3.99
Product ID: MAY141150

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