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Review – Tony Harris and B. Clay Moore’s The Whistling Skull #1 – DC Comics


Every once in a while one of the big two surprises me. Wednesday (December 19) I saw an interesting cover…


I had to buy it. This is the kind of cover I’ve come to expect from an IDW or Image book, it’s creepy and interesting it definitely catches your eye. Now to be honest I grabbed it and it went into my stack. I hadn’t heard of it, had no idea what to expect. Whenever that happens, a book that I hadn’t heard of before really catches my eye, I read it without investigating it any further. I don’t even look at who drew it or wrote it until I’ve read it.

This a steam-punk like pulp story set in the WWII era. The story brings us right into the action, no introductions, no exposition. The Skull and his cronies are in the thick of it in Japan fighting the good fight, and not fairing all that well. Just as the action starts to turn sour we’re shown some back story from the 1920’s and then right back to 1940 but this time in Switzerland. The little town in the Swiss country side is experiencing some disappearances and The Skull’s help is needed! The town is full of creepy suspicious folk, some odder than the others. This was a really fun exciting book, I was completely invested by the last weird plot pushing last page. Can’t wait for next month.

Written by B. Clay Moore, known for Hawaiian Dick from Image Comics and art Tony Harris, of Ex Machina this project was originally announced as a Wildstorm mini-series. When DC shut down the Wildstorm imprint in 2010 everyone assumed this book would never see print, but with some retooling from Moore DC was able to shoehorn this series into a revival of the JSA Liberty Files series part of the Elseworlds line.

The story flows really well, though the timeline jumps are mildly confusing they settle down quickly enough. The art is reminiscent of Harris’ Ex Machina’s layouts and panel style but his characters definitely carry that pulp feel. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 and I have a funny feeling a 5.0 is coming with the next issue.

I happen to have some pages for your perusal, enjoy…

prv14652_pg2 prv14652_pg3 prv14652_pg4

prv14652_pg5 prv14652_pg6 whistling-skull-1-7-color

Written by: B. Clay Moore
Art by: Tony Harris
Cover by: Tony Harris
Variant Cover by: Tony Harris
Color/B&W: Color
Page Count: 32
U.S. Price: 2.99
On Sale Date: Dec 19 2012

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