Too Young For Suicide Squad? Check Out These Heroes and Villains From DC and Downtown Bookworks ~ What'cha Reading?

Too Young For Suicide Squad? Check Out These Heroes and Villains From DC and Downtown Bookworks


Suicide Squad got your little ones all revved up?

As my almost six year old keeps reminding me, he’s too young to see Suicide Squad but man he’d love to. So what can I do to give him the lowdown on these classic characters? Teen Titans Go! is a great cartoon but they don’t really do the whole good and evil thing and the original Teen Titans cartoon is a little mature for him.

If he were only a few years younger I know the DC Super Heroes: My First Book of Super-Villains, from Downtown Bookworks best-selling line of DC board books would be a great fit. Every two-page spread features a good guy and bad guy and a defining characteristic.


Suicide Squad


DC Super Heroes: My First Book of Super Villains
by David Bar Katz
ISBN: 9781935703181
Price: $9.99, $12.99 Can
Board book, 8 x 6.5
20 pages
For ages: 0-3



How about a defining volume…

At five my son is reading on his level but increasing his reading vocabulary is always a plus. I know I’ll get him to concentrate on the words if the pictures are heroes and villains. DC Super Heroes: My First Dictionary features more than 500 words, basic vocabulary and terms from the DC Universe and some gorgeous classic DC art. And it’s 128 pages.




DC Super Heroes: My First Dictionary
by Michael Robin
ISBN:  9781935703860
Price: $15.99, $17.99 Can
8.75 in x 11.125 inches
128 four-color fully illustrated pages
For ages 3 and up




Well there you have it, two books to help include your little ones to join in the DCU excitement.

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