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DC Super Hero Origami Giveaway Update!!


DC Super Heroes Origami Giveaway! Sponsored by Capstone Young Readers!Another DC Super Hero Origami Giveaway!

Boy do we have egg on our faces. A week of checking for entries sharing the contest over and over, and wondering why no one was interested in a contest that was being shared over and over again. Well it turns out the rafflecopter contest form wasn’t recording any entries!

So we’ve upped the ante. That’s right 2 winners! Two books, two totes! One is my personal copy, the other straight from our friends at Capstone Young Readers. It’s the least we can do. This contest is open so sign up sign up! And let us know about your experience using gleam.io for contests. And if we can be so forward? If you can share the hell out of this we’d love you to pieces for it. We want to make this giveaway our biggest yet!

Here’s the entry! And below you can find the original post about the contest, the book, and the prize(s).

DC Super Hero Origami from Capstone Young Readers

DC Super Heroes Origami is for all you crafty super hero fans out there! Are you a paper folder? An origami enthusiast? Do you sit and create wonderful figures from nothing but paper and your mind? Are you a super hero fan? Well then this book is perfect for you.

John Montroll is an origami master, author of over 40 books on the subject, his folding sequences are regarded as some of the best. His expertise has created models ranging from simple to not-so-complex, all accessible to the mainstream origami folder. His clear, step-by-step diagrams and instructions transform squares of paper into Batarangs, Invisible Jets, Green Lanterns, even a Hawkgirl! The 96 sheets of specially designed folding papers feature the artwork of illustrator Min Sung Ku, who has worked on Batman Beyond, Justice League, Ben 10 as a penciller, inker, and cover artist. And it shows. The images in this book are great, and the end products are so cool. Some of my favorites include the Batarang, the Nightwing Symbol, Clark Kent’s Glasses, the Wonder Woman Symbol, the Wonder Woman Tiara, even the Mad Hatter’s top hat!

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