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DC Comics and Uglydoll will cute the money right out of your hands!


Press Release from:


— Pretty Ugly, LLC. and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment, announced today that they have entered into a co-branded collaboration with DC Comics Super Heroes and UGLYDOLL characters. GUND, a division of Enesco, will produce a diverse range of colorful and collectible Super Hero plush based on the DC Comics and UGLYDOLL character universes. The initial release this fall will be a trio that includes two versions of Ice-Bat™ as Batman™ and Babo™ as Superman™.


The plush characters will be offered at retail from $20+ and will be available through Diamond Comics and a broad range of retailers.   FUNKO is also set to offer a collection of vinyl figures based on the DC Comics and UGLYDOLL plush collaboration during the holiday season this year.   Additional categories of merchandise and collaborative characters will be announced in the coming months.


DC goes on to say how they’ve always admired the fun and unique characters… blah blah blah. Let’s try it this way, every big comic con you go to has Uglydolls. Besides the Pretty Ugly LLC booth any vendor selling and kind of plush has at least a couple of these babies hanging around (I should know, my daughter gets one at every convention). I have long wondered why this hadn’t happened sooner. Fact is Warner is probably the first company with deep enough pockets to make it happen. Disney won’t be far behind.

What I like about this is that they’re real Uglydoll characters, in superhero costumes. If these had been special runs made to look like the heroes in question that would have annoyed me. It’s sort of like Darth Tater, he works because he’s still a Mr. Potato Head, not just a Darth Vader toy. The costumes may not come off but these are still every bit Uglydolls Here’s some more cuteness…

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Yup, I’m broke, again. God help me if a Wonder Woman or a Batgirl come out soon.

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